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Olympic Weightlifting Cycle SUMMER

$400Purchase required to enroll
The Solace Weightlifting Cycle is a two month program tailored to fit everyone from newbie athletes to intermediate CrossFitters. The primary goal of the cycle is to increase 1RMs in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk by improving strength and technique without sacrificing conditioning. Participating athletes can expect an increased ability to cycle lighter weights in WODs as well as increased confidence and efficiency with heavier loads. Classes will be capped to ensure quality instruction and all sessions will be coached by a certified weightlifting coach.

Morning (7:00am) and afternoon (12:00pm) sessions are available through the links below.
Cancellation policy Cycles must be paid for in their entirety up-front during your initial registration. Refunds will not be given once you are registered, however credit may be given for a missed cycle due to documented medical reasons.